1 Jun

I’ve long resisted blogging. I mean, I could title this blog “A Fart in the Wind” but that’d be redundant, and it could apply to almost any blog in my opinion. Most are ubiquitous and unnecessary and self-indulgent and I’m pretty sure this one won’t break the mold.

The other reason I haven’t done this before is I didn’t really have much to write about. One blogging friend was a craps and card dealer in a bright city in the desert, which was pretty fertile ground for stories. And I also knew a guy who did a short spell of incarceration, which also made for interesting reading. Me, I like to ride my motorcycle, I’ve gone to Vegas a bunch of times, I’ve recently bought a house(slash condo slash duplex), and I’ve got all kinds of pithy thoughts on the NFL, not to mention my leftist politico-economic slant. But that’s not what I thought I needed to write about.

Running. That’s the topic. I dislike it, I’m not good at it, and I signed up for a 5k that’s about 14 days away.


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