Back to work

9 Jul

Under two weeks to the 5k, I got back at it yesterday. The day off gave my legs a chance to catch up; after the mornings run they didn’t feel anywhere near as stiff and sore. Then again I rode the motorbike to work, so they got a little use there as well.

I did lengthen the route ever so slightly by going thru the park instead of alongside it. And i went up a hill i’d been going around. Long way to go yet though.

One of the nice things about my new neighborhood is the little stream that runs through it. My route crosses it a couple times. It’s not all that deep and maybe ten feet across, running through people’s backyards and through the golf course. I traced some of it’s length the other day while out on the bike, but it’s difficult to follow as it mostly runs through private property.

12 days to go.


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