22 Jul

Ok, missed a few days here. Catching up:

First, I google mapped my routes, turns out the route around the golf course actually was the 2+ miles I thought it was. So I feel better about that.

Second, I decided to go to every-other-day as the race got closer. Was starting to feel it in the knees. But not sure that was a good idea, felt like I lost a bit between runs. What I should probably do is bike on the off days, that’s always been good for the knees.

Third, it’s been just brutally hot the last week, 90+ with 80+ humidity. I ran in that Monday, on a shorter (a mile or less) route with a nasty hill in it. But on Wednesday, less than three hours before the race start… the race organizers postponed it. Which was, and wasn’t, a relief — I was kind of hoping to get it over with, plus now that meant I was two days off between runs. As it turned out, three days off, I didn’t put the shoes back on until this morning. Went back to the shortest route, almost felt like it did two weeks ago at the start, but by the end I was feeling a little more into it.

So now, no countdown. What next?


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