Waitress in the Sky

26 Mar

Breaking out the blog again to cover a trip to the Big Apple.

Even the passengers on the flight are a marked change from a flight to Las Vegas. I think I’m the only person on a plane with a collared shirt, and in the non-hoodie minority. Even got some brooklyn sitting behind me; talking to a guy wearing a “read-my-tumbler.com” shirt, Brooklyn says, “what izzat, ya website?”

On the plane, I guess now that it isnt Northwest anymore, the “grey box” has gone away, replaced by some more colorful equivalent. Same basic thing: cookies, crackers, some form of cheese, a little bit of deli meat. I usually get these things just to keep myself entertained, it’s something to do on a long flight. When I reach for cash, the waitress-in-the-sky tells me “we don’t take cash, only credit.” Then she adds, “we haven’t taken cash for about two years now.” Really. Brooklyn probably would have said “what’s that to me?”, but I just dug for my wallet, again.


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