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What road am I on?

14 Sep

I’ve always wanted to ride my motorcycle up highway 1 to Ely, and 20 miles out of Two Harbors I wasn’t sure if I was on my way to achieving either goal. While google maps (this was a mistake of course) showed a line coming out of Two Harbors that at least eventually became Hwy 1 to Ely, the only signs told me this was county 2, with no indication of where it went. And since it was noon, and overcast, even the sun wasnt any help to tell me I was at least headed north.

This led to some metaphysical angst. Was I on the right road? Would this turn into the right road? And what does “the right road” mean anyway? If this was a different path than I intended, might that not turn out to be better after all?

A sign indicating that either 1 or Ely definitively lay ahead would put the matter to rest. But that’s just navigation; in life, do you ever get that definitive sign that you are on the right path? I mean Ely is Ely and if that’s where you want to be then pretty much any road that gets you there is the right path. But (with all due respect to Ely) it might not turn out be someplace you want to be after all; or you might find out that the path to it is not one you enjoy travelling. I bailed on a trip to Kansas City once because 8 hrs of interstate on a motorcycle didn’t sound anything like fun. But maybe if you stick it out, KC turns out to be worth a little discomfort.

Anyway, in my case, without notice I came to a nondescript intersection, and finally a sign indicated that Ely was to the left, and highway 61 was to the right, and that this finally was highway 1. And from there into Ely the road twisted it’s way through the northwoods in a picturesque and satisfying way. I had, indeed, turned off 61 too soon but no harm was done, and it gave me something to think about. And maybe that’s what wrong turns are for.