14 Aug

Slacking on the blog, but have been running. Ran with Theresa on Friday; the question of who is faster was immediately settled as I struggled to keep pace, even on the short route. So today I worked a bit on lengthening my stride. Also lengthened the route a bit, should be about a mile now. Need to run tomorrow and press a bit more, time is getting short.

And it wouldnt be a complete post without mentioning the knee, but it’s reacting much better. I’ve been doing a little stationary bike as a warm up before heading out and I think thats made a big difference. I remember them putting me on a bike in PT back when I could barely bend the thing enough to let the pedals go around. But it’s always been helpful, I just havent stuck with it enough.


Kickin’ it

11 Aug

Been slacking on this blog lately, and on the running too. However, i did get out yesterday and the day before. Short runs, maybe 0.8 mi. Need to do more of those back to back running days, really feel like i make progress that way.

Today is an off day, will get back at it tomorrow. Not only is the race coming up in two weeks, but I signed up for the company kickball tournament. Another challenge for the knee. Don’t know the last time I kicked a soccer ball…

14 days.


4 Aug

As I was huffing around the 0.8 mi route this morning, I was doing the math in my head. Aug 25th, minus 21 days, would be… today! So, only 3 weeks to go to race day. Yikes.

Beautiful morning for a run today though. Love the little neighborhood that I moved into, a bit older so it has big trees, and it’s not one of these cookie-cutter developments where all the houses went up at the same time from the same basic floorplan. So as I was running around I was looking at the various houses and wondering what they would go for, where there might be an “opportunity”. Which is fairly pointless in reality, since I did a major real estate transaction not much more than 30 days ago, but it’s free to look.

So I guess I’ll just begin again…

2 Aug

Been a while since the last post, no posting because there’s been no running. I was waiting to hear on the race reschedule, and plus I just wanted to take a break (and so did the knee).

But now there’s a new date for the 5k, Aug 25th, and today is the first day of the month so it seemed like a good day to start up again. Went for a short run in the neighborhood, and it was almost as if I hadn’t done this before … again. Heart just pounding by the end. Needless to say, no sprint into the driveway as I got to doing previously.

Anyway, plan this time is to do some biking on the off days, see if that helps. But two days on one off was working pretty well too. So maybe it’s too much to say there’s a plan…

24 days to go.


22 Jul

Ok, missed a few days here. Catching up:

First, I google mapped my routes, turns out the route around the golf course actually was the 2+ miles I thought it was. So I feel better about that.

Second, I decided to go to every-other-day as the race got closer. Was starting to feel it in the knees. But not sure that was a good idea, felt like I lost a bit between runs. What I should probably do is bike on the off days, that’s always been good for the knees.

Third, it’s been just brutally hot the last week, 90+ with 80+ humidity. I ran in that Monday, on a shorter (a mile or less) route with a nasty hill in it. But on Wednesday, less than three hours before the race start… the race organizers postponed it. Which was, and wasn’t, a relief — I was kind of hoping to get it over with, plus now that meant I was two days off between runs. As it turned out, three days off, I didn’t put the shoes back on until this morning. Went back to the shortest route, almost felt like it did two weeks ago at the start, but by the end I was feeling a little more into it.

So now, no countdown. What next?

The good, the bad, the ugly

14 Jul

Wasn’t the easiest to drag my butt out of bed this morning, but once I got outside and started running, I felt pretty good. Good enough that I thought about extending the route. Trouble was, the route around the park is about maxed at 0.85 mi, so… I tried the whole loop around the golf course. That’s the good. The other good thing is, okay granted the pace wasn’t much, but not much huffing and puffing, so the CV isn’t holding me back.

When I got back to the house, I checked the shuffle-ometer — only 1.6 mi. That’s unfortunate, I thought I was going to be a lot closer to two. And, bad math on my part, 5k is 3 mi. Whoops. So now I’ve done… half.

The ugly part was having to stop and walk a couple times (using the old 100 paces rule from my grad school running partner). Wasn’t the wind, it was the legs, particularly the calves. Hmm.

Well anyway, Saturday I’m going to pick up my packet for the race. Money’s in, shirt’s bought, etc. In 6 days, I’m giving it a shot anyway.


13 Jul

No running today. Knee felt a little sore yesterday after running, so I took a little ibuprofen to help it settle down. Then I went bowling, which really didn’t help. So now it’s a week to go and i am way behind schedule. Hmm.